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Hi, I'm Tim.

I'm a full-stack web-developer.
I design, create and host modern websites and web-applications with speed, functionality and ease of use in mind.

All my work is hand-crafted and custom-tailored, exactly for your needs. This guarantees a unique and lightweight online-presence, just as you imagine it.

Whether with pen and paper or digitally:
I work closely together with customers to create a modern product that combines a clean and simple design with the customers' ideas and expectations.
I thoroughly assess requirements and plan out features and interfaces to deliver the best possible result for both customers and users.
With the magic of programming I fill ideas and concepts with life, turn sketches into reality.
Here are some of the tools and technologies I use on a daily basis:
  • GIT
  • Terminal
  • VSCode, WebStorm, PhpStorm
  • Jenkins CI
  • Docker
  • HTML, CSS, SASS / LESS, JavaScript, PHP, Headless CMS, Go, SQL
I provide fast and reliable hosting for your website, domains and email.
  • Multiple servers at locations in Germany and America
  • Custom ftim.eu CDN Software
  • Low latency and little downtime

Past Projects.

Below, you can find some of my past work, in various stages of development. Have a look!
(You can also click the links and look around the projects yourself!)

ftim.eu Logo ftim.eu
(Concept, Design, Development and Hosting)
ftim.eu Screenshot
thgFM Logo thgfm.de (discontinued)
(Concept, Design, Development and Hosting)
thgFM Screenshot
Orchideen Neuhaus Logo orchideen-neuhaus.de
(Concept, Design, Development and partial Hosting)
Orchideen Neuhaus Screenshot
Lambecks Logo lambecks.de
(Concept, Design, Development and partial Hosting)
Lambecks Screenshot
SuBFraMe Logo subframe
(Concept and Development)
SuBFraMe Screenshot
Vertretungsplan Logo THG Vertretungsplan
(Concept, Design, Development and Hosting)
Vertretungsplan Screenshot
TimInCA Logo TimInCa.com
(Content and Hosting)
TimInCA Screenshot

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