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Web Made Modern.

The Internet has evolved to be more and more of a one-stop solution for nearly any problem.
Need something? Go online shopping. Have a question? Find an answer to virtually any question on some online-forum. Something's not working? 24/7 online-chat has your back.

It is more important today than ever to keep up with the fast pace of evolution the Internet dictates.
More than 51% of users visit websites from mobile, and most of them won't bother scrolling around a badly (or not at all) optimized website.
Furthermore, a well thought-out design, more specifically, a good first impression is key to success. Research has shown that most users leave after 10-20 seconds. If a website fails to communicate it's most important information within that timeframe, it fails to gain user attention.

A modern website has to meet a long list of criteria to stand a chance against competitors. It has to be light, yet beautiful, yet functional. It has to catch the user's eye, within a very short attention span, on any device or platform.
The pace at which the Internet is moving forward is greater than ever, and keeping up with the lastest trends in technology and design has proven to be a challenge, as has differenciating between hype and progress, recognizing developments which will stick around from ones that will quickly be forgotten.


To add to that list, a modern website has to be fast. According to Google, more than half of websites are abandoned, if they take more than 3 seconds to load.
Even today, where incredible bandwidth and computing power have become the standard, there are countless situation in which they cannot be relied on.

Picture your users sitting in a cave with very limited reception, or still using that old 2004 family-PC. Fancy graphics and animations can contribute very positively to a website's appearance, but should be kept to a minimum.
Just for reference, this entire website is 170 kB small and loads a total of 5 images. With an average internet speed of around 9Mbps (Germany), it takes about 150ms (0.15 seconds!) to load.*
But, speed does not necessarily mean compromise. With technologies like Vector Graphics, Lazy Loading and Platform Optimization, a website can provide a consistent user-experience across platforms whilst featuring a fast, modern and graphic design.

*theoretical download time, not factoring in local processing time.

I'm Tim.

I'm a full-stack web-developer.
I design, create and host modern websites and web-applications with speed, functionality and ease of use in mind.

All my work is hand-crafted and custom-tailored, exactly for your needs. This eliminates all restrictions and useless overhead created by large and bloated frameworks and content-management-systems, allowing for a unique and lightweight online presence.

Sleek and modern front-ends catch the user's attention while a powerful and flexible backend handles all the heavy lifting.

Below, you can find some of my past work, in various stages of development. Have a look!

Past Projects.


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